Mexico is paying for the wall bumper sticker (Yeah Right) - Free Shipping!

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First he said Mexico would pay for the wall, now he wants Congress to appropriate the money for this wall and he claims Mexico will pay for it later even though Mexico has clearly said they will never pay for this wall.

This is why I made this bumper sticker, to remind every single trump voter of a promise he made that will be clearly broken. To remind them that if they roll over and support this anyways then they too are part of the trump lie.

I would say this is a low risk bumper sticker, you could be a #NeverTrump er or even a libertarian.

I think these are the messages that are going to drive a nail into the republican party, pitting the trump faction against the moderates (if you can call them moderates). Here is your chance to take a really hard whack at that nail, get in the game!