Never Ever Trust a Republican (again) bumper sticker V3 - Free Shipping!

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Look I admit I have never in my life voted for a republican, but you may have. its ok..

I remember growing in the 80's and 90's seeing Donald Trump when I was in my teens and thinking he would be a good President, he had the hotels and jets and was loaded with money. He was successful. He looked the part. What the heck did I know, right?

Then I grew up and very quickly realized there are not many, if any republicans that will ever represent me, not a single one of them really supports the environment, very few of them support climate change and many are influenced by the oil industry cash they get, most republicans want to tell women what they can do with their bodies and many republicans are brain washed with religion.

Thats not me for sure!, if you are here its probably not you either, so join me in telling the GOP and their flock what you think of them with this bumper sticker.

You need to vote also! Especially next year!