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First about these shirts, then why you should purchase one.

I really like quality shirts and I really HATE junky, cheap shirts that shrink in the wash, thus I spent more on quality rather than lowering the cost. To me price is not everything.

I could have sold these shirts to you for $8.99 but you and I both know they would be absolute garbage and that is just not how I do things. These shirts are quality Gildan DryBlend 50% Cotton 50% Polyester Shirts which you can proudly and confidently wear. I will include shipping within the US in the price you pay for the shirts.

Now to the why.

My wife and I and a few close friends are taking the #NeverEverTrustaRepublican (Again) message to Washington DC and hopefully to every major city in #2018.

To win the 2018 mid term elections, messaging will be EVERYTHING, we need the Democratic base to turn out heavily AND we need to flip voters in the suburbs that voted for Donald Trump and the GOP in 2016.

Many of these same people voted for Obama and Democrats in 2008 and 2012 and are not hard core ideologies, rather they are reasonable, considerate people that want to do the right thing for our country.

This is where our simple #NeverEverTrustaRepublican messaging comes together.

After allot of thought and consideration I think we can convey our disdain and disapproval for Donald Trump and the Republican party and most importantly a message that we need a change in Washington DC in the 2018 mid term elections with the #NeverEverTrustaRepublican message. This message is simple, easily remembered, and most importantly creates a lasting impression that is NOT boring or easily forgotten rather this message provokes thought and re-consideration.

The political battle in 2018 WILL BE in the suburbs where there are very few hard core political voters, these suburban voters have lives, kids, jobs, and hobbies that are all far more important than listening to daily politics, which includes following the news every day.

So when a political message does break thru to these people it MUST be effective and I believe the #NeverEverTrustaRepublican (Again) message is effective. It is a simple message that says that it hass been almost 2 years (As of Nov 2018) and we have given this a try with Trump and both houses of Congress all under his control and Americans are not happy with whats been done so far, (especially the #TaxScam) and we are letting the suburbanites know they need to help us change direction in Congress to make things right.

Words are great but action is greater, I am not just selling shirts, that is not my only goal.

Yes admittantly I would like to make a little money at this venture, I am an American and a capitalist but I am even more an American that wants to make a difference, this is the real and main reason I am selling these shirts, I WANT YOU TO WEAR THEM. I want you to talk about the message and I want to create a movement powerful enough to help affect change in our country.

This is where YOU come in.

Purchase one of my shirts, wear the shirt whereever safe and possible, come to the marches and protests in your city and most importantly, make it a goal to join us in Washington DC at least once this year at a march.

Dec 31, 2017, Have a Happy New Year and get ready for the next 11 months of hard work, see you on Twitter and see you in person soon!


#NeverEverTrustaRepublican (Again)