Trump Russia Bumper Sticker - Free Shipping!

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I am very proud of this one, I spent days and days on this one. I think it sums up the Russia situation very well in a quick message.

I still believe to this day that Hillary won. I think Donald got some help from the Russians. I also think it was more of the "we will change the vote totals" kind of help in the rust belt from the Russians.

It is inconceivable to me that so many Democrats put this idiot over the top. Yes there are always a few that go after the shiney object in every election on both sides, but there were far too many empty votes for President on the ballots in the rust belt, there was also allot of voter suppression where polling places were in short supply and not open long enogh in the rust belt, connect this with the new voter ID laws and interstate cross check and it worked for them.

So, nope I don't buy it. Not even for a second.

Hence this bumper sticker.

You shouldn't either, instead put this rather harmless bumper sticker on your car to tell the next conservative behind you that you believe in this enough to put this on your car.

Trust me these people understand very little, but they do understand short messaging like this.

They may not agree but at least they will be challenged. Right now most of these trump supporters think they have won.

Have they won?

Will you allow them to think they have won?

I wont, thats for sure and neither should you.

Also if you are on twitter use the #trumprussia hash tag whenever you are tweeting about trump. It really annoys him.